Publikation vom 26/04/2021

IZfK Bd. 2 (2021): Contemporary Lyric Poetry in Transitions between Genres and Media


IZfK (2021, volume 2): Contemporary Lyric Poetry in Transitions between Genres and Media, edited by Ralph Müller and Henrieke Stahl

Dear colleagues and friends of contemporary poetry, we are pleased to inform you that the special issue Contemporary Lyric Poetry in Transitions between Genres and Media has just been published in the “International Journal for Comparative Cultural Studies.” The contributions to this issue were written within the framework of the DFG Centre for Advanced Studies 2603 “Russian-Language Poetry in Transition. Poetic Forms ‒ Addressing Boundaries of Genre, Language, Culture, and Society across Europe, Asia, and the Americas” and were originally presented at meetings and conferences, including at a panel organized by the editors of this volume at the International Conference of the International Network for the Study of Lyric in Lausanne, 4 -7 June 2019, entitled “The Between-ness of Lyric / L’Entre-Deux Lyrique / Lyrik im Dazwischen.” This panel, as well as this volume, represent the product of a collaboration between the Centre’s speaker, Henrieke Stahl, and co-editor Ralph Müller, who was a research fellow at the Centre in Trier in 2017‒2018.



More than any other literary form, contemporary poetry is in transition: interspersed with narrative and dramatic genres, combining prose and verse, and even incorporating other media, such as visual arts, music, film, and digital technology. It shifts the borders between public and private spheres, aesthetic and discursive approaches, and producer and recipient. On the basis of case studies, this issue addresses the challenges of poetry in transition and stimulates new approaches in lyric theory and methodology.

  • Ralph Müller, Henrieke Stahl: Contemporary Lyric Poetry in Transitions between Genres and Media
  • Rüdiger Zymner: Was heißt ‚Weltlyrik in Transition‘?
  • Jasmin Böhm: A Gap in(to) the Dictionary: the In-between Lyric of Tawada Yōko
  • Ralph Müller: Gedichte zwischen lyrischer Poesie und diskursiver Prosa? Zum Beispiel Monika Rinck
  • Henrieke Stahl: The ‘Novel in Poems’ – an Emerging Genre
  • Peter Hühn: Generic Extensions in Contemporary British Poetry
  • Thomas Austenfeld: Qui chante? The Lyric’s Voice as Impersonation
  • Anna Bers: Ein spannungsreicher Normalfall: Lyrik-Performance und Schrifttextgedicht als verschiedene Aggregatzustände
  • Ilya Kukulin: Contemporary Russian Poetry and the Musical Avant-Garde: Performative Intersections
  • Justyna Jaguścik: New Dynamics: Chinese Women’s Poetry Enacted
  • Peter Stein Larsen: From Book Poetry to Digital Poetry
  • Jacob Edmond: Making it News in Contemporary Poetry
  • Sonja Klimek: Internet Poetry Clips: Multimodale und multimediale Hybridformen als Herausforderung für die Lyrikologie
  • Klavdia Smola: Political Video-Poetry in Russia: Eco-Social Turn and Bio-Poetics
  • Heike Paul: A Trajectory of Billboard Poetry in America: From “Burma-Shave”-Roadside Advertisement to “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”
  • Claudia Benthien: Public Poetry: Encountering the Lyric in Urban Space