Kollegvortrag, 21. Juni 2021

Präsentation der aktuellen Ausgabe: Contemporary Lyric Poetry in Transitions between Genres and Media

21. Juni 2021, 10:00 - 13:00
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Presentation of our latest publication, Contemporary Lyric Poetry in Transitions between Genres and Media


Bd. 2 (2021): Contemporary Lyric Poetry in Transitions between Genres and Media


Moderation: Henrieke Stahl und Ralph Müller

This special issue has been published a month ago in the “International Journal for Comparative Cultural Studies” (IZfK 2: https://izfk.uni-trier.de/index.php/izfk). Contributions to the volume explore a broad spectrum of the transition of boundaries between poetry and other genres as well as media. More than any other literary form, contemporary poetry has been in transition: interspersed with narrative and dramatic genres, combining prose and verse, even incorporating other media, such as visual arts, music, film, and digital technology. Poetry thus shifts the borders between public and private spheres, aesthetic and discursive approaches, producer and recipient. Based on case studies, this issue addresses the challenges of poetry in transition, stimulating new approaches in lyric theory and methodology.

The program of the presentation proceeds as follows: Firstly, editors Henrieke Stahl and Ralph Müller will provide an introduction to the volume and a brief presentation of the essays’ key areas. Then, several renowned colleagues will give an insight into the exciting material of their essays and present the main aspects of their research. Finally, there will be a discussion in which questions can be asked and comments made on any of the essays:



  • 10:00 Welcome and Introduction – Ralph Müller (Fribourg) and Henrieke Stahl (Trier)
  • 10:20 Heike Paul (Erlangen-Nürnberg): A Trajectory of Billboard Poetry in America: From “Burma-Shave”-Roadside Advertisement to “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”
  • 10:40 Claudia Benthien (Hamburg): Public Poetry: Encountering the Lyric in Urban Space
  • 11:00 Ilya Kukulin (Moscow): Contemporary Russian Poetry and the Musical Avant-Garde: Performative Intersections
  • 11:20 Jacob Edmond (Otago): Making it News in Contemporary Poetry
  • 11:40 Open Discussion