Kollegvortrag, 7. Dezember 2022

Book Presentation – Josef Hrdlička and Mariana Machová (eds.): „Things in Poems“ (2022)

7. Dezember 2022, 18:00 - 20:00
Anmeldung per Mail an anna.fees@uni-trier.de

The DFG Center for Advanced Studies “Russian-Language Poetry in Transition” (FOR 2603) cordially invites you to a book presentation with Josef Hrdlička streamed live via Zoom. Please register by e-mail with Anna Fees (anna.fees@uni-trier.de) no later than December 6th, 2022, to receive the stream’s access data.

Book Presentation: Josef Hrdlička and Mariana Machová (eds.): Things in Poems (2022)

In this volume, fifteen scholars from Austria, Britain, Czechia, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, and Russia, explore the topic of things and objects in poetry written in different languages and in different eras. The book begins with ancient poetry, then moves on to demonstrate the significance of objects in the Chinese poetic tradition. From there, the focus shifts to things and objects in the poetry of the twentieth and the twenty-first century, examining the work of Czech, Polish, and Russian poets alongside other key figures such as Rilke, Francis Ponge, William Carlos Williams, and Paul Muldoon. Along the way, the reader is introduced to key terms and phrases that have been associated with things in the course of poetic history, such as ekphrasis, objective lyricism, and hyperobjects.

During the presentation, the following authors of chapter will speak:

Michel Collot, Universite Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris

Josef Hrdlička, Charles University, Prague

Olga Lomova, Charles University, Prague

Justin Quinn, University of West Bohemia

Karel Thein, Charles University, Prague


Things in Poems. Ed. by Josef Hrdlička and Mariana Machová. Prague: Karolinu 2022.