Live-Vortrag – Dr. Anna Glazova: „Current Trends and Internet Communities in Russian-language Literature“

About the lecture:

In Russian-language literary circles, the growing possibilities of online publishing have sparked a large variety of independent Internet magazines and crowd-funded platforms, such as Sigma, Artikulatia, and LiTERRAtura, to name just a few. This development has resulted in an ongoing diversification of publishing practices and the creation of communities based on different principles and goals. Some of these communities focus on aesthetics, others emphasize politics, and yet others try to combine both. This presentation will provide an overview of these resources, freely available to the reader, along with some commentary on their contents and editing policies. Moreover, a brief history of Internet publishing on “Runet” will be outlined. Dr. Glazova’s talk will be followed by a reading from her own poetry. Both the talk and the reading will be conducted in Russian.


About Dr. Anna Glazova:

Anna Glazova is a poet, translator, and independent scholar. She has published five volumes of poetry in Russian and has been awarded the Andrei Bely Prize (2013) for her book “Для землеройки.” She received her Ph.D. in German and Comparative Literature at Northwestern University, Evanston (USA). She translates from German and English; among the translated authors are Franz Kafka, Unica Zürn, Walter Benjamin, and Emily Dickinson.

Zugehörige Veranstaltung:
Veranstaltung, 16. Juli 2020
Live-Vortrag – Dr. Anna Glazova: „Current Trends and Internet Communities in Russian-language Literature“
Центр передовых исследований „Русскоязычная поэзия в транзите“ приглашает на видео-доклад д-ра Анны Глазовой: „Текущие тенденции и интернет-сообщества в русскоязычной литературе“. Регистрация: В русскоязычных литературных кругах растущие возможности онлайн-публикаций привели к появлению большого количества независимых интернет-журналов и платформ, таких как, Артикуляция, ЛиTERRAтура и др. Это развитие привело к диверсификации издательской практики и созданию сообществ, основанных на различных принципах и задачах. Некоторые из этих сообществ фокусируются на эстетике, другие делают акцент на политике, а третьи пытаются объединить и то, и…

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