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Guest Lectures
Working Group Sessions
Conference – “Contemporary Translation in Transition: Forms of Interactions, English, German and Russian Poetry”
Workshop – “Political Poetry in Contemporary Russia”
Roundtable – “German Poetry and the Challenges of the Anthropocene”
Lecture – “Diskrepanzen der Grünen – eine Partei zwischen Programmatik, Realpolitik und Projektion”
Conference in Gießen – “Political Performativity in Contemporary Russian-Language Poetry”
Conference – “Poetry today in Europe and Latin America – parallels, interactions, translations”
Conference – “Ähnlichkeit als Strukturkategorie der Lyrik. Perspektiven für die interkulturelle und komparatistische Literaturwissenschaft“
Congress – “Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies”
Conference – “Transculturality in Eastern and Western Contexts“
Workshop – “Transkulturelle versus nationale Lyrik”
Conference – “A conversation about trees” European nature poetry after 1945 / “Discorrere di alberi” La poesia europea e la natura dopo il 1945
Conference in Kobe – “World Society”        
Conference – “Transition as Paradigm of World Society in the 21st Century”
German-Japanese DFG Symposium – “Cultures in Translation: World History – World Literature – World Society. Japan, Germany and the World in Transcultural Comparison” (Panel Weltlyrik)
Conference in Tokyo – “Transition as Paradigm of World Poetry in the 21st Century”
German Slavic Congress in Trier – “Poetry in Transition” (stream with five panels)
Symposium at the University of Kōbe: New Horizons of Translation in Contemporary Poetry
Workshop Transcultural Poetry
Conference in Trier – «Язык русскоязычной поэзии конца XX – начала XXI века» / “The language of Russian poetry at the end of the 20th to the beginning of the 21st century“
Conference – „The Between-ness of Lyric / L’entre-deux lyrique
Conference in Moscow – «Поэтика и поэтология языковых поисков в неподцензурной и актуальной поэзии» / “Language Seeking: Poetics and Poetology in Unofficial Poetry and Contemporary Poetry”
Guest lecture by Marius Henderson (Erlangen-Nuremberg): “Crisis and Continuity: Spectra of Suffering in Contemporary Experimental North American Poetry”
Guest lecture by Kila van der Starre (Netherlands): “Poetry Off the Page. What Non-Book Poems Can Tell Us About Poetry in the 21st Century”
Guest lecture by Thomas Austenfeld – “Between Lyric and Epic: The Challenge of Walt Whitman”
Guest lecture by Dr. Bettina Kaibach
Presentation of the book project “A History of English Poetry in Selected Close Readings”
Guest lecture by Dr. des. Martīņš Laizāns
Guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Youn-Ock Kim – “Interkulturalität und Hybridität in den neueren Gedichten der koreanischen Lyrikerin Hyung-Jin Yoo”
Guest lecture by PD Dr. Herle Jessen        
Lecture by Alexandra Tretakov – “Анна Глазова поэт и переводчик переводчик Пауля Целана” in Granada, Spain        
Guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Paul Bishop        
Guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Angles        
Guest lecture by Dr. Peter Geist        
Lecture “Tiananmen vor der Geschichte” by Dr. Frank Kraushaar and Dr. Huiru Liu        
Weekly Working Group Session, 22/05/2019        
Guest lecture by Mr. Hendrik Jackson – “Übersetzung zwischen Wildwuchs und Wahrheit”        
Guest lecture by Mrs. Margitt Lehbert – “In Other Words… Thoughts on the Translation of Poetry”        
Weekly Working Group Session, 15/05/2019        
Guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Maghiel van Crevel – China’s Migrant Worker Literature and Xu Lizhi        
Weekly Working Group Session, 08/05/2019        
Guest lecture by Mrs. Sara Landa – “Chinese-German poetry transfers in the 20th and 21st centuries”        
Weekly Working Group Session 05/02/2019
Weekly Working Group Session 29/01/2019
Weekly Working Group Session 22/01/2019
Weekly Working Group Session 15/01/2019
Weekly Working Group Session, 27/11/2019
Weekly Working Group Session, 20/11/2019
Weekly Working Group Session, 11/09/2019
Weekly Working Group Session, 04/09/2019        
Lecture at the conference in Freiburg – “Weltoffenheit des Subjekts in der Gegenwartslyrik als Antwort auf die Herausforderung des Anthropozäns”        
Weekly Working Group Session, 10/07/2019        
Weekly Working Group Session, 03/07/2019        
Weekly Working Group Session, 26/06/2019        
Weekly Working Group Session, 29/05/2019        
Weekly Working Group Session, 22/05/2019        
Weekly Working Group Session, 15/05/2019        
Weekly Working Group Session, 08/05/2019